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Lone Survivor Foundation

Retreat Facility at Crystal Beach, TX

Crystal Beach Elevation
3D Elevation of Lot

Welcome to the homepage for LSF's Crystal Beach Retreat Facility fundraising project. In November of 2013, BRINT Construction joined with LSF to build a retreat facility on beautiful property in Crystal Beach, TX. Completion of this project is projected for early 2015.

The total costs for this project are estimated at $750,000. Our online fundraising goal is a minimum of $200,000 (this goal amount has been increased from the original $100,000 to compensate for named sponsorships being paid online rather than by check).

Financial Sponsorship Opportunities
Material & Labor Sponsorship Opportunities

For individual or corporate underwriting opportunities, please contact:
Brian Byrom (BRINT) at 409-767-4464 or Terry Jung (LSF) at 832-581-3592.

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LSF Retreats:
LSF conducts retreats throughout the year with a focus on wellness and therapeutic support. Retreats are conducted at scenic facilities, allowing ample opportunity for the healing effect of nature and relaxation. We serve all military branches and backgrounds; Our focus is toward combat stress, mTBI, chronic pain issues and military sexual trauma, with an emphasis on service members and veterans from Operation New Dawn, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. We conduct individual service member retreats, couples retreats and family retreats, with the goal of taking the individual and family out of their normal environment, open the mind and emotions and provide tools for moving forward successfully.

Our retreats provide support for invisible injuries through psycho educational groups, Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) using the EAGALA method, as well as individual sessions focused on brief stress reduction exercises to reduce symptoms of traumatic stress and pain.
For more information about our retreat programs, visit our website.

One part of the LSF vision is to establish facilities that will allow the LSF team to run short and medium-term retreats tailored to the unique outdoor support LSF provides.

Crystal Beach Facility:
The facility will be comprised of two separate two-story buildings - a Soldier Bunk House and a Conference Center/Staff House. There will be a deck that connects the two buildings with an elevator located between the two houses. The entire facility will be 5,089 square feet of living space on 1/2 acre, and have the ability to comfortably sleep 32 people.

Outside there will be plenty of decking upstairs, a flag pole, and a fire pit downstairs for evening gatherings. The entire facility will be fenced and landscaped to ensure privacy during the retreats.

The following is a floor by floor description of each house:

Soldier Bunk House
First Floor (all ADA compliant)
Two family suites
Two full bathrooms
One half bath
Large kitchen/dining/living area with fireplace
Large deck with flag pole

Second Floor
Two large bunk rooms
One full bathroom
Large sitting/reflection area

Conference Center/Staff House
First Floor (all ADA compliant)
Large Kitchen
Large Conference room
Two half baths
Two small private counseling rooms

Second Floor
Three staff bunk rooms
Two full bathrooms

Click here to learn more about LSF and BRINT Construction.

Crystal Beach Legacy Brick Campaign

Click here to purchase a Legacy Brick!